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How to Utilize LinkedIn!

How to Utilize LinkedIn!
By Chery A Schmidt

Are you using LinkedIn for your business, if so have you joined any groups yet? This is a business-related social networking site, and if you are in business, then why not? These are people who are dedicated to their businesses.

Understand that if you join a lot of groups and join in a discussion or write an article about your product every other day with those you have something in common, you will now let yourself be identified as a person with credibility.

You have credibility with them because you are part of a group. By connecting with those who you have something in common with and joining in and participating with them you set yourself apart from the others.

Better yet why not start your own group, now you have the essential marketing tool. Start conversations, set up a webinar, by doing this you are telling others that you are knowledgeable. Invite all your friends from all your social networking sites to join your group. Now you are establishing yourself as a leader!

If they like what you have they will tell others about you and may even give you a testimony to put on the site. LinkedIn prospects have good lists, so they may connect with you. You need to join groups but more importantly you need to start one. This is where you can keep an ad about your business and attract others for free.

You can also post an online profile that acts as a permanent online resume. You can use any of the pre-built templates to make it look good. They have executive styles to the more casual layouts for you to edit, this tool is easy to use. Now you can export your resume and share it with others.

I would suggest looking at other ads out there and sharpening your focus. Start answering questions that help people, don’t answer questions to get noticed, that doesn’t build credibility. Just start joining in and answering those questions and build that credibility.

To get yourself started check out the feature-groups you may like-to find groups to join. Search groups for people all over the United States, put your home town in the and try to find people in your niche. An advanced search will help you find people who are looking for the answers to their questions. Share free marketing tips and start getting noticed.

Get into the conversation, then send them to your web site and ask for a review, also review others. That will help get your name out there. And now others will see you when they visit that site. Don’t forget to tell them what you liked or disliked about their site, always leave a message when visiting the sites.

Here are a few new set of tools on LinkedIn for you to use, huddle workspaces, this will enable you to build online. It is a private workspace where you can work with members of your network. When you set this up it allows you to share and work together on a project with your members. Look into the boxnetfiles feature to store and share you files as well.

If you do start doing all of this successfully on LinkedIn, you will be found!

Chery A Schmidt is an Internet Marketing Coach & Home Business Mentor.
Specializing in helping others succeed online.
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