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How to Market With Facebook Pages

  • May 3, 2010
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by Karen Olszewski

Social marketing has really gained momentum with businesses. Every marketer from small 1 person home based businesses to large corporations are taking advantage of this free marketing tool. By using social networking sites such as Facebook, they have found a very smart and easy way to actually build relationships with the people whom will soon be using your products.

The most popular social networking website is Facebook. One of the great features on Facebook is the ability for anyone to create a Fan Page which is pretty much like your own personal sales or promotional page. Becasue Facebook is so highly populated and well liked by Google, applying SEO methods is a sure way to greatly increase your exposure and search engine rankings. Here are 4 simple methods to increase traffic through optimization.

1- Include Your Business Name in Your Fan Page Name
Having a catchy, eye popping fan page name may seem like a good idea to begin with, but how will people find you? When you include your business name in your fan page title you are literally connecting the two. Not only will existing customers be able to easily find you on Facebook, but they will also be able to find you in the search engines as well. By doing a little keyword research you can also help boost your rankings by adding another relative and prime keyword to your title as well.

2- Dress to Impress
Creating your profile should not be taken lightly. Consider this as the first step in your interview proccess to gaining fans and customers. Include as much valuable, keyword rich information about you and your business as you can.

3- Frequently Revise Your Status Message
By revising your status on a regular basis you are showing your friends and fans that you are a real, interesting person. Try to avoid sending multiple advertising type messages in a row. Include some interestring tid bits about yourself, videos, pictures, and of course links to your favorite websites. By mixing it up and keeping things on a more personal level you will build trust and draw more traffic than doing otherwise. Also, when updating your profile status messages, don’t be afraid to let your fans know about your downfalls too. Doing so shows them that you are human and still falter, yet are strong enough to get right back up and keep on going.

4- Make Your Fan Page Unique
Although there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing your Fan Page right now, more and more applications are becoming available to use. Whatever you choose to do, try to make sure all photos and graphics are clear and precise, your content is keyword rich yet conversational, and most of all, friendly and welcoming.

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Article Source: How to Market With Facebook Pages

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