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Four Effective Small Business Marketing Tips

by Inbound Promotions

The time is now for small businesses to take control of their marketing.  Consumers are gravitating towards the internet every day looking for solutions to their problems.  We’ve listed a few tips for small businesses that will effectively generate interest and traffic.

1.  Utilize Your Customers

The most overlooked aspect of growing your business could be staring right at you every day.  Your current customers already know you and trust, or at least they should know and trust you.  Take advantage of your customer base by offering incentives or special deals for referrals.  People who experience a good product or service enjoy sharing it with their friends.  Use your customers as publicity agents to spread the word of your business to their friends and family.  Often business owners don’t like to push their customers for referrals but you would be surprised how many people would do just that when they had a good experience with your business.

2.  Don’t Feel the Need to Advertise Like a Big Business

Big businesses have the marketing budget to spend on commercial slots or print ads.  Small businesses typically do not which means you should not treat your marketing plan as if you need to advertise like the big businesses.  Small businesses should look to inbound marketing and internet marketing to gain ground on the leaders of your industry.  Provide opportunities for people to respond to your marketing efforts with special offers to new members or customers.

3.  Join Forces with Other Small Businesses

Small business owners often know other small business owners.  There is a connection between small business owners and the dedication and hard work it takes to run a business.  Contact your friends at other businesses and offer a joint promotion.  Exchange links or banners to be placed on each others websites.  Refer your customers to their business and ask them to do the same.  This is a free and easy way to gain new business.

4.  YouTube

The next time you do a job or service have a camera set up and record and narrate the process of your service.  After you have recorded go to YouTube and upload the content.  You could also upload it to your website as an instructional video.  YouTube is a great avenue for exposure and prospects can actually see your results and you or your business in action.  You can conduct interviews with industry leaders or have customers comment on your work for others to hear.  Introduce your staff or your office/warehouse, taking visitors on a tour is second best to being there in person.

There are many ideas for small business marketing tips and we have outlined just a few.  The fact is there are many ways to market your business or brand with a limited budget and there are many internet marketers eager to help your small business compete with the corporations.

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