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10 Essentials Tips For A Business Card

by Arthur Raise

A business card is an important business tool and introduces you to people. It does more than profile you it remains as a constant reminder of who you are what you do and what your contact details are.

According to marketing experts a business card is an affordable way to advertise your business or services. It represents you on paper and so it should reflect your style and class. The 10 essentials of a business card are:

1. Choose a paper that is durable and does not crumple. The size should not be unwieldy and the font should be readable.

2. Before you hand over details to a printer log on to the World Wide Web and view the many websites devoted to the designing of online business cards.

3. Type out on your computer basic information: name, profession, contact numbers, office address, e-mail and so on. If you have a website include the URL too.

4. Use a company logo if you have one.

5. Be innovative and include a picture of yourself.

6. Decide to be unique and have either a business card in two colors say black and red or use a touch of gold or sheen.

7. Nowadays many people have business cards that are plastic coated and so can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

8. If you are bold choose shapes other than the standardized rectangle. The are shapes like square, round, triangle, and house shaped used by people in the real estate, design, and advertising industry. But think a bit before choosing a different shape, if you are quite and stylish a business card in an odd shape may stand out like a sore thumb.

9. If you have specially designed office stationary then you could create a business card that apes the “branding” of your business.

10. For printing you have two options you could print cards in your office printer if you only need a few or appoint a local printer to print business cards for all office employees.

The business card throughout your office should have the same design, color, and paper. Only the name, designation, and contact details should be changed. Make the business card a successful marketing tool and increase your business profits by giving out business cards to the right contacts.

Think about adding value to your business card by having a visible statement that delineates what you do. So, run a slogan either at the bottom of the business card or on the reverse. Some people use the reverse of the business card to print contacts of branches, or put a map indicating where the office is, or list what services the business covers. So think carefully and make the card send a lasting message that  conveys who you are and what you do.

A business card is a valuable tool that is not very expensive so make the most of your business card.
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